De Star Metals Industries Nig. Ltd is committed to promoting the health & safety of our employees and all stakeholders, especially those who can be affected by our operations such as customers, host community, visitors, contractors, supplier among other as well as protection of our environment.

HSE policy

We shall drive our commitment through strong management support with a focus on the following:


  • Commitment to the prevention of ill-health and injuries at work as well as prevention of air pollution from our operations
    Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other voluntary initiates, which the company subscribes to.
  • Ensuring best practices in housekeeping within and around our factory premises with emphasis on waste prevention, reduction and recycling, and containment of oil spills in cases of emergency.
  • Provision of HSE information to all stakeholders through communication of our policies and ensuring that our employee is aware of their responsibilities of working towards achieving the HSE objectives and targets of our company.
  • Committed to implementing a health, safety and environmental Management system to ensured continuous improvement in the company’s performance.
  • Capacity building and training for workers to ensure adequate safety knowledge.
  • Provide regular health checkups to prevent occupational health incidents
  • Creating a conducive environment for our employees and our host community by conducting regular hazard identification, risk assessment, environmental aspects and impacts monitoring, and implementation of risk reduction measures as well as our corporate social responsibility plan.
  • Investigate the cause of accidents and incidents and develop effective and immediate plan preventive remedial actions.
    Recognize and reward good safety performance and achievements throughout our organization.


The HSE Manager has a lead responsibility of implementing this policy and shall also review and update it annually with the participation of other employees who shall also contribute to its success through their suggestions.

Managing Director,
De Star Metals Industries.